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Work-life balance isn’t just a lofty goal in Fernie, it’s the ultimate ideal.

Karey Pion, founder of Soco Soaps, may have found the secret to this elusive dream and she’s poured her heart and soul into it for the past decade. 

Started as a hobby when Pion moved to the tiny community of Elko, Soco Soaps is now a thriving success story with a micro-production factory in Fernie and product stocked in 40 locations in 5 provinces across Canada. Initially, Pion’s soaps were just for personal use and gifts for friends, but their popularity quickly grew. She began to sell them at the weekly summer Baynes Lake Market and at Carosella (a former gift shop in Fernie) and slowly expanded production, seeing an opportunity to build an income from home when she had her first daughter, Evyr, in 2011. 

By the time second daughter Luna came along in 2014, the business had grown to a full-time endeavour. Space and practicality necessitated formal premises, so a storefront and small-scale production facility became a reality at 1561 10thAve in Fernie. Pion is there most days, brewing batches of sweet-smelling treats that look good enough to eat (although she recommends that you don’t try a bite) and then hitting the local markets on the weekends. 

Body creams, chapstick and bath-bombs expanded the product line around 2 years ago and she recently introduced shampoo and conditioner bars. Pion is passionate about keeping her products as natural as possible, using ingredients like olive oil, coconut oil, sustainable palm oil and natural essential oils, and all products are free of phthalates and parabens. Experimenting with fragrance blends and adding a touch of whimsy keeps things fun for Pion and her team of helpers. Call to ask about bath bomb parties for ages 8+. 

Soco Soaps is located at 1561 10th Ave in Fernie.
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